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398.2 Productions, is a multi-media service company specializing in photography, proofreading (novels and screenplays), film/TV production, & fine art.  

I am available to be contracted as the following:

  • Proofreader, Beta Reader

  • Film/TV Production Fixer & Coordinator

  • Coverage writer

  • Researcher

  • Photographer (photo editing, some events, fine art)

  • Private art instructor

  • Commissioned artwork


An influential teacher once said to me that no matter how we communicate there is one language that is universal: storytelling. I am on a mission to assist individuals and small businesses by providing photography services, professional proofreading services and film coordination. Storytelling is my passion and it is my goal to bring beauty into the world, one book, one image, one artwork at a time.

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Book enthusiast. Artist. Student of life.

Lover of history. Storyteller. Romantic. ENFP. Traveler. Inspirer. Secretly a mermaid. 

For me, storytelling is my foundation for just about everything. Whether it's crafting a new story or working on an old one, learning a new artistic skill or expanding on a current one, storytelling is the greatest and most rewarding talent I have and I want to share it with everyone.

Born and raised in Doylestown Pennsylvania, I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Ringling College of Art and Design in May 2011. Upon graduation, I immediately moved to Los Angeles where I worked in the entertainment industry for five years. In August 2016, I left L.A. and moved back to the east coast, landing in Philadelphia in January 2018. From there I continued to work in film and photography but expanded my services to include proofreading, research, and writing.

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