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398.2 Productions is a compilation of my art: photography, writing (novels and screenplays), film/TV production, & fine art. This website is a place for me to share what I do with the world and answer questions anyone might have.


An influential teacher once said to me that no matter how we communicate there is one language that is universal: storytelling. I am on a mission to assist to tell stories; it is my passion and it is my goal to bring beauty into the world, one book, one image, one artwork at a time.

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Book enthusiast. Artist. Student of life.

Lover of history. Storyteller. Romantic. ENFP. Traveler. Inspirer. Secretly a mermaid. 

For me, storytelling is my foundation for just about everything. Whether it's crafting a new story or working on an old one, learning a new artistic skill or expanding on a current one, storytelling is the greatest and most rewarding talent I have and I want to share it with everyone.

Born and raised in Doylestown Pennsylvania, I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Ringling College of Art and Design in May 2011. Upon graduation, I immediately moved to Los Angeles where I worked in the entertainment industry for five years. In August 2016, I left L.A. and moved back to the east coast, landing in Philadelphia in January 2018. From there I continued to work in film and photography but expanded my services to include proofreading, research, and writing.

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